Here you can track the growth of your tree. Detailed information about how it's growing compared to how trees of its species and in your region lets you know how your tree is doing. There are also tips for helping your tree reach its full potential. And don't worry if your tree is growing slowly- you took a while to get to your current size, you know. Besides, just about all special things take some time and some patience.

If you don't have a tree yet, you can share some details here - or input your PIN code - and we can recommend what kinds of seeds to consider planting. Different trees grow better in different parts of the world, but that doesn't mean that you can't try to grow a certain kind of tree if it's special to you. 

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125 lbs of CO2 captured


American sycamore.jpg

Trev's Tree

Type: American Sycamore

CO2 Captured: 50 lbs

Location: Columbia, MD

lemon tree.jpeg

Pool plants

Type: Lemon tree

CO2 Captured: 25 lbs 

Location: Houston, TX



Currently supporting the reforestation projects of Conservation International in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.